Bob Stane, owner of The Coffee Gallery Backstage,
enthusiastically recommends the act, below,
with Randy Sparks and the talented nuggets of The New Christy Minstrels®.

They are tightly packaged as



The Coffee Gallery Backstage
Altadena, California

FRIDAY-----JANUARY 5, 2018-----8:00 PM

SATURDAY-----JANUARY 6, 2018-----7:00 PM

Tickets only $20 each!

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The Coffee Gallery Backstage

*************What Are You Going To See And Hear?*************
Bob Stane explains. . .

This will be a two night extravaganza (Friday & Saturday) delight as it harkens back to the ghost of my first coffee concoction club in San Diego in the early 1960’s. In those days I had just started a small coffee house, an actual hole-in-the-wall that you would recognize as the grandfather of
The Coffee Gallery Backstage.
This was the era and start of the great coffee house movement where the talent discovered in such caffeine fueled bistros kicked off the great folk music boom and, in my opinion, the precursor of the “good” music that had great melodies and words you could hear and cared to hear. So Randy Sparks, for some unknown reason, contacted (unknown) me and wanted to do a series of shows at my cozy coffee house in San Diego. I think this was to keep him busy at night while he scraped barnacles off of his boat in San Diego Bay during the day. Little did I know that he was a star of records, movies and the top night clubs in San Francisco. I blabbed the news around town and sold out every seat in the room. Every night. Something new to me. When he did his “solo” act something happened on the stage I had never experienced. He put on a supercharged show of music, comedy, choreography and stories. I had never seen anything like that and, truthfully, have never seen a “single” act rip up a stage like that since. From those nights on my “business model” of show biz was established….put on a great, well rounded event. And do not deviate from the knowledge that the patrons want to be fully entertained by creative and clever musicians in possession of musical and comedic talent.
That has been going on for a half century
Randy Sparks showed me the way.
And I, and hundreds of acts, have benefited from the epiphany of seeing, and hearing, this icon of show business devastate a tiny stage in a minuscule coffee house in a backwater section of
San Diego. Randy Sparks, of course, gained additional fame and success and multiple awards, including a Grammy, through The New Christy Minstrels®, and numerous songs that he wrote that are featured in the shows and on the records of scores of other acts. His original music, with, his name attached, is everywhere and they are lovely and expertly crafted. We, who love a great “quality” musical event, owe him an eternal debt.
Now we are resurrecting those great nights in San Francisco
and the lore of the actual and ‘real’ beatnik flavored coffee houses
of that magical, warm and wonderful era by bringing
in from the Kansas headquarters of The New Christy Minstrels®.
I want you to share, with me, and other music lovers, the good music, amusing stories and the wit
and history of Randy Sparks, The Cockamamie Quartette and the birth of The New Christy Minstrels®.
And, of course, you will get the back story of how I,
Bob Stane, and The Ice House and The Coffee Gallery Backstage
got a foothold in the entertainment business of America. It was not an accident.
This will be a warm and wonderful two night run.
It may well be talked about for years to come.
RANDY SPARKS adds his insight and history….He writes,
"I have plans to include the most entertaining material I have produced,
much of it after the age of 80, and I like the thought of leading the way for those thought to be over the hill.
I learned a lot from all of the acts for which I served as opening act, and they read like a Who's Who of showbiz.
What a joy it has been to attempt to catch up to where some of those folks were...and are
Probably the best influence came from Mort Sahl, Lenny Bruce, Jonathan Winters, Bob Hope...and of course, Burl Ives. I was Phyllis Diller's opening act the very first time she ever stepped onto a stage, any stage. I was Maya Angelou's bongo drummer. Of course, none of this means much, unless it takes us somewhere, both me and the audience.
Having Tholow and Cousin Dave in the act gives us a sampling of the bluegrass band
that has become so much a part of our NCM program.
We won't be doing Orange Blossom Special, but darned close,
and we can get so much music out of just four performers."

See you at The Coffee Gallery Backstage
Friday, January 5 at 8:00 P.M.
Saturday, January 6 at 7:00 P.M.
Only $20 per ticket, each show.

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